Why is the fall box called the “Poppin’s Box”?

Why is the fall box called the "Poppin's Box"? Maybe I'm just really weird, but

One of my favorite things about designing the quarterly boxes is deciding on a theme and designing around it. I like to pick movie or book themes, because I think there is nothing more relaxing than picking a movie, or audiobook I want to watch by myself (no running commentary on my cheesy movies, please!) and putting it on while sewing into the night.

So I envision people streaming a movie to watch while working on the projects. I prefer movies you don’t have to follow too closely, are non-stressful, and have a happy ending. I will never pick a movie or audiobook that doesn’t have a happy ending! Also, I like to emphasize characters that are confident, or are becoming more confident. Mostly because self confidence is probably the beginning of world peace, and definitely the beginning of inner peace.

That bring me to Mary Poppins. I believe that her real magical power to create change was her unwavering and completely unapologetic self confidence. I don’t think she was vain. I think she knew that she was perfectly beautiful inside and out. This is exactly what I wish for all girls and women around the world to feel. I love the way she approaches a job interview, for instance. She says, “I will give YOU a week.”

I’d like to think the wind of change is blowing on everyone who gets this box and there is always some corner of our lives, be it big or small that can be tidied up using a little of that kind of magic.

Blogging the deep thoughts….(not actually me.. I’m not physically in Paris)

The projects are just loosely based on the theme. This quarter’s box you’ll be making a super luxe and cushy black velvet pouch with a detachable tassel. It is lined with a rich poppinsesque “carpet bag” print so you can stealthily remember that you are magical, too. And if people ask you to explain yourself, just tell them with a smile, “I would like to make one thing clear, I never explain anything.”

All comments will be judged based on flattery, humor, and winners will be famous online.