The world’s fastest quilt

This is the perfect handmade gift

If you try making this extra fluffy quilt project, I promise that you are going to swoon over it. The fluffiness is because the inside is actually wool batting instead of cotton, and because of the measurements, cutting it and piecing it is something you can do in one evening.

It comes together so fast so its basically like instant gratification. Plus, it’s so much nicer than a store bought quilt. Nothing really says, I love you, or in my case, I love myself, better than a handmade quilt.

I do love an old fashioned patchwork quilt, but I don’t really have any place for it. This can be as minimalistic and contemporary as you want, even if you just want it to be one solid color.

The other thing that I love about it is that I made it using the most basic, inexpensive sewing machine. As in, under a 100 dollar machine I had delivered to my door on Amazon. And I did the whole thing with ZERO special tools or equipment. It’s pretty easy to put together and I was able to shove the whole thing through the sewing machine. Which, I promise I mean literally and if you try this you will be laughing and shoving as well. It’s a big project to fit through a regular machine, but it totally works.

Plus, I used wool batting and quality cotton quilting fabric, which means no unbreathable polyester, and I totally recommend it for the greatest night’s sleep. The weight of this is perfect for a summer night. When it gets cold out, I add a blanket. It is very difficult to find a quilt that is only natural fibers anywhere, even at higher price points, so this is going to be much better quality than you can find on the shelf.

If all these reasons weren’t enough: Wait, there’s more! The cool thing is that it’s reversible. Since it doesn’t take long to piece the whole side together, I was thinking, hey wouldn’t it be great if you could give your whole bedroom two completely different looks whenever you wanted without adding clutter to your house and using up precious closet space? Yes!!! It would be AMAZING. If you are a Christmas decorating fanatic or like to change it up for the summer, just go ahead now.

I’m going to keep posting instructions about this quilt. It’s basically my signature project right now. One day, my dream is to open up a mobile pop up shop with all pre-cuts people can pick out like candy to customize it. But until then, I’m going to share with you how simple it is. I basically would like this to be like the bedding choice of the 20’s. I hope you will make one, and then show your friends how to make one, too. Handmade, natural, less clutter, think of how great this is for the environment, and how special people will feel as they nod off to Dreamland wrapped up in love.

When skies are gray, you are my sunshine. Bright colors really cheer me up on a gray Seattle winter day. You would not believe how much these sunset colors change my room and my mood to high energy and optimistic. It’s a great way to wake myself up in the morning. How does your room make you feel? It’s not a magazine shoot, it’s your morning, which is so much more important! Bright colors or sophisticated neutrals, I change it up depending on what kind of energy I’m needing.

So I guess there is no huge secret except how the measurements make it incredibly easy. That’s the whole secret to getting this thing cut out in two movies, one for each side.

You see, in sewing, especially in quilting, cutting can be a total pain. I mean if you don’t get it perfect, your project has a good chance of looking pretty wonky. That’s what makes this project so quick and easy. You basically use the measurements that the fabric comes in, so a good part of the cutting and measuring is already done.

This was done using a queen size wool batting and 12 yards of cotton quilting fabric. I purchased half yard pre cuts, which limited my color options but thrilled my let’s-just-get-this-beautiful, Cozy-thing-on-my-bed-right-now-and-not-mess-around attitude.

So yes, that’s how easy this project is, especially if you buy half yard pre cuts. You just cut them in half, and line them up making 12 rows. That’s basically night one. You can do this with a glass of wine, a movie, or with a friend. The fun part here is arranging the colors however you like and playing around with it. Even if you are new to sewing, you can handle this. And even if you are an expert, why not do something super easy so you can make five quilts for everyone on your list instead of just one?

I’m the type of person who can buy craft or sewing supplies and never finish the project, and that is not cool. With this, seeing the whole thing cut out and arranged the first night will give you the momentum to sew the rows together the next night. And by then, you are so close to finished, you can’t stop. You can almost feel the fresh crisp colors and cozy wool just waiting for you.

This isn’t just an easy sewing project. This is the sewing project you will actually finish right away and love for years to come.

And no, it’s not as inexpensive as something you can just go out and buy at Target, which is great too, but sewing your own items is definitely a luxury that is a great way to reward yourself and it feels great to make something yourself. If you are doing this, it’s to have something truly special and personal that brings you joy in life.

So after you piece the thing together you make a quilt sandwich and quilt vertical rows through the whole thing. This is the only way I could quilt it on my basic machine, but it makes it quick and easy. If you are more than a beginner, you can quilt any design your heart desires. For me, I’m usually too excited to just finish the project and I’m probably never going to be a very advanced quilter, so this works for me.

To wrap it all up, I used a nice wide satin blanket binding from the fabric store to just finish it quickly and hide any uneven edges.

I am planning on making more of these in different fabrics and masculine looks in the coming weeks for presents. I think that this project is so simple that anyone can do it. I will just add links to Amazon if anyone is interested where I bought the supplies and a printable pdf download in the coming days, but honestly, if you read this post, you could probably tackle it with no problems.

Have fun sewing this! No patterns, no fuss, just getting it done in a few days and loving it for years to come. Also, washes up beautifully in hot water and hot dryer….so no worries, very easy to love.

I’m thinking of making one for a college student to send them off with a warm hug from me. I will post photos!

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