Thinking of Hollywood Regency! Design

Thinking of Hollywood Regency! Design

I have finally realized the same of my own design style, which I never really knew had a name. I am completely self taught, and just thought of my look as sort of classic, luxurious old world style streamlined, fun, bright, and not taking itself too seriously.

I would say, Parisian, but bright, urban, glam, romantic, gilded, colorful, but nothing really summed up the style that I kind of thought most be only MY style because I never saw it anywhere else. Which, of course, seemed to basically overwhelm and confuse people completely.

But not anymore. I have found my design home. I have found the words to describe anything interior that not only I like, but feel like is ME in my own skin, home sweet home.

I’ve seen a few sort of glammed up new takes on Dorothy Draper style and I realize I have out there, found a few kindred spirits. (Remind me to do a Anne of Green Gables collection, ASAP)

Oh, how I do long for a few bosom friends, to share this love of this style. If you love either Hollywood Regency or Dorothy Draper or both, and are a total goddess of good taste, please let me know. I could absolutely not be more excited to chat.

Do you ever hate it when something you thought only you loved becomes a trend, because then you know it’s going to look out of style in short while and you might also get sick of it? Not to mention, now everyone is going to be sporting your signature look, scent, or whatever? Well, I considered this. And I think, nah, this is basically the most classic style ever and is never ever going out of style.

Being a pretty enthusiastic person about basically everything wonderful I truly enjoy basically every style whole heartedly. I love, love, love watching human beings be creative and have fun watching their efforts start to click into place.

BUT….I never felt like, this is home. With Hollywood Regency, I feel completely at ease, at home and just like it’s the exact style I’ve always gravitated towards in all ways.

I could feel a little insecure about not knowing the name of my style, until now, but I never really have managed to feel in any way unsophisticated. I find it’s easier to go through life secure in the knowledge that I am the most sophisticated goddess that has ever existed and it’s just now that other people are catching up with me. Good for them.

SO all week, I’ve been looking at places that I could add more of this awesome Beverly Hills sort of glam style to my life. I decided to actually peek at the interiors of Beverly Hills homes on Zillow that are this style. There are a few, but not many. But I only need one kindred spirit.

Then I’ve been thinking, If a Beverly Hills Manse is the best place to have this look, that means I have to move to a Beverly Hills Manse. Which by definition is a home over 8000 square feet.

SO, then I thought, and I thought, and I thought some more. And I decided, ok I better price Manses in Beverly Hills and multiply the profit I make per pouch kit together, which if I’m a brilliant entrepreneur could be several dollars, then I divide the price of the home by that number, then I will be moving in by the end of the year if I just sell that many pouch kits.

Now, unfortunately, the only thing I saw that works is not actually a mansion. Which could be extremely disappointing and discouraging. But I think it’s good to just pretend as if you live in a mansion. And just challenge anyone to disagree openly with you about it.

And yes, I feel though this is Regency it’s not really Dorothy Draper at all, but ok. It’s kind of working for me.

So I found this regular sized(boring) house in Beverly Hills. For only 8 million dollars. So that means I only need to sell like 2 million pouch kits in the next month and it could be mine.

This room has promise.

Anyway, I feel like we all need a deeper reason for our work. A reason to really reach out and connect with people and reach for the stars.

A reason we make the world a better place. And for me, that is living with a lot of lacquered furniture and a lot of colors in Beverly Hills.

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