Taking time to create beauty.

Make! Leather Tote Bag Class 1
Make! Leather Tote Bag Class 1

Isn’t creative time the best part of your day? Have you ever been in a rut where for some reason, maybe a difficult phase of life or a special project you are working on, or just being over scheduled, you totally neglect your creative time completely?

It’s amazing how much creating makes space in our lives for divine connection and self love. Sometimes, I feel like when I’m not loving myself enough, I can let the best things slip away from my life. If someone loves you, they will support your very human need for creative time and space.

We all have different expressions of creating, but we were all born to do it. Whether its coming up with creative solutions for a business, creating a educational plan for students, or planning a creative get together for family and friends, we all thrive when we honor ourselves as remarkable, creative beings.

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