Stay tuned!

A whole new website is coming!!! Get ready for a whole new shopping experience! So excited to let you know BIG changes are coming to Stockwell Lane.

We will be a full luxury, highly curated, retail destination online! For all things designer, including straight off the runway Eddie Phares looks. Plus, we are opening our flagship Eddie Phares store. 🇺🇸

Eddie has always loved the subscription model of retail since she got her first box! So, if you love your sub boxes and the effortless Lifestyle upgrade they bring, and member perks – we got you, too. In fact, you can sign up for that right now.

So many amazing things on the horizon. Be sure to Follow Us On Instagram for updates and lots of


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City on a hill, its always time to lead.

Look like your God has skills! Let’s wear all the fabulous things!

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