Refreshing style with Eddie Phares Home

Statues are a trend that is going to be hot!

Do you always like to be on the forefront of any trend whether it is home, fashion, diy, culinary, or culture? If so, we are soulmates. One could be a cynic about trends and declare themselves to be above it all, but I adore the ebb and flow of individuality and communIty growth that we express when embracing a trend. Certainly, there is something mystical and apparently unattainable and even aloof, perhaps, about a woman who possesses her own distinct style. That is great, and I applaud that, but really knocking it out of the park style-wise is always done in the context of how we relate to one another as well.

Not to make everything super deep, but ok, I make everything super deep—-I admit it!

I am digging this style right now which never fails to mean it is going to be super 🥵 hot.

This is my moment of inspiration.

There are a lot if places to buy cool little statues but having studied art and sculpture it makes me eager to develop some fantastic DIY content, and some killer kits, be on the lookout.

If your on a tight budget plaster if Paris art projects are well within reach, but if you are a Rockefeller it will also suit you because this is no craft. This is high art, baby.

Also, if you’d rather just buy one they have cute planters at Anthropologie. Because sometimes you just want to buy the thing.

Distinguished not dusty

Keep thing fun, bright, colorful, light, and not overcrowded to not veer into old and dusty territory.

I love to consult people on all kinds of style from their dress to their homes.

I find that it works best to have a holistic view of style and it really is whole life coaching.

I like to help people become the fantasy version of themselves, to not just look at one area but really find exactly the life they desire.

Making time to have a beautiful space is only one part if the picture but it truly matters.

All comments will be judged based on flattery, humor, and winners will be famous online.