Welcome to The Stockwell Lane Experience! 


After 6 years of running a successful fashion sewing and subscription box We are going Glam!!!

Ordering is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!!

Trusted Subscription Box company  New, Bigger Concept  


why order now?  The Price Is Right!!  

Eddie Phares is at it again with another original Subscription Box Concept.


Get in on all this!



You will receive  5 to 7 High End Boutique quality  products in a  themed and curated box that creates a wonderful unboxing experience.

Summer  Fall  Holiday and Reset

Shop 2

Receive these 4 beautifully packaged and themed boxes every year.

Beauty * Home *  Creative * Treats * Fashion *

it’s a chic little box just for you.


Box 1 Ships in June.

Lock in your super low pre-launch price of only 240.00 per year for the life of the subscription.

Regular annual membership price will be 320.00 after the first spoilers come out!!  

One thing we all love about subscription boxes is a great value that businesses can pass on due to bulk purchasing, but this box is so much more than a collection of stuff.

This box is about great quality products at a very fair price and it is highly curated. 

This is a thoughtful beautiful gift to yourself. 

Each Box tells a story and the unopening itself is part of the experience. Eddie Phares believes that  a lifestyle box is also about  



Do you know that when you get a lovely surprise it releases endorphins Aka Happiness  

Thats why Eddie fell in love with subscription boxes and has developed such a passion for them. It’s not just a business, it’s her passion. 

There is nothing on the market that truly is worthy of a high end boutique experience delivered every season. 


Every woman deserves to be treated well. 

Every woman deserves to have beautiful things. 

Fashion Designer, Eddie Phares, creates products and looks out to get the  must have brands and products to introduce to you. All are worthy of royalty.

If it’s not fit for a queen, throw it out!!! – Eddie Phares

Examples of what to expect: Candles and fragrance, accessories, gourmet, costume jewelry, gift items, home items, creative supplies

If you enjoy strolling through high end boutiques, you have found your new Sub Box!!  Welcome!


Every product is thoughtfully sourced.  Always. High End Boutique level quality. Always. 


Introducing Eddie Phares Beauty.
Clean Beauty is all we know at Stockwell Lane.