Did everyone get a chance to see the November pouch on Instagram?

Did everyone get a chance to see the November pouch on Instagram?


Hey 👋

I am loving November’s casual pouch that can fill in as a clutch. Nice and long, made out of a substantial denim, with an interfacing layer to make it stand up and a satin interior to make it posh, this is one of my favorites yet!

Order this and you will be a very happy camper this November.

All the pouch projects can easily be completed in one sesh.

So if your lucky enough to schedule a sewing date this November with the hottest lady you’ve ever seen. I mean you, not me. 😉 Sign up, for a subscription, and I’ll mail you the goods.

Get one month, or many months of ready to go sewing projects delivered to your door without lifting a finger, or planning it all out. Cancel quickly and online when you have enough pouches…….As if!

One great thing about making pouches every month is developing a familiarity with the process. It’s very simple, so it’s super low stress, especially the second, third, or tenth time, but you end up with great little treasure, which—-Not to start something with coloring books—-because I definitely love that method of chilling too, but it’s nice to have a great little reward for your “me time.”

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