Introducing Eddie Phares Beauty.

Introducing Eddie Phares Beauty.

So, I have a long history in creating beauty products. I created my first line of innovative clean beauty products with a perfumery in Paris and a clean beauty manufacturing company in Oregon in my early twenties. I had the high end unique fragrance created in Paris and developed the products with a wonderful company here in the United States.

The crazy thing was then that I actually applied the labels myself at home! Then I went around selling them to spas and retail catalog chains.

Well, I have come a long ways from those humble beginnings and I’m so excited to launch Eddie Phares Beauty.

I have decades of experience in this industry. People always ask me, to the point of driving me kind of bonkers, how I still look so young, and vibrant. The answer really is good skin care and healthy living.

I believe in clean beauty. I believe in sophisticated products that are effective.

So look in the coming weeks as I relaunch the quarterly subscription for beautifully packaged, quality cosmetics, and many other wonderful Eddie Phares and Stockwell Lane products.

Each box is eighty dollars and is created with a theme that celebrates a character fictional or real life who inspires. It tells a story created by me to be more than a product delivery, but rather an experience.

I am so excited to be going from a sewing project subscription to a full product line.

I am finally combining all of my passions into this cohesive symphony of delight. I fell in love with the sub boxes that were the highly curated and themed subscription boxes of the bygone times. There really are none remaining that capture the excitement, and create the experience of those first lifestyle boxes.

I really want to recreate that experience for others. I am truly passionate about creating a magical unboxing experience that wows. No one else can deliver the experience the way I can, because no one else has the fire and passion I have for this business. So many men looked at those first boxes and believed they could just throw random stuff in a box and sell it to women and make a fortune.

But no one can create a sub box like me because no one loves them as much as I do! For me, it truly is a work of art and I have become a master of it through a decade of experience in this business.

There will be a wonderful mix of Eddie Phares products. Not every box will be the same. This makes it fun to swap and trade with friends and it also prevents your items from being like everyone else’s. What it will have is an amazing value. What it wont have is unrealistic prices. This is not a discount experience, and I am not looking for customers that are trying to get a freebie, which was the downfall of the first generation of highly curated and lovingly themed lifestyle subscription boxes.

I’m looking for subscribers who appreciate the highest quality standards, great value, enjoy surprises and are happy to pay a fair price. A great deal of the value of the box is simply in the opening of it, the experience of a wonderful beautifully packaged surprise.

There is a certain amount of risk of not loving or being able to use one of the products, and the box is not returnable. This is the trade off of being able to purchase high quality items and amazing prices. If you are looking for a specific product, I am happy to be launching a shop that carries them, and that will be a much better option for you. But if you really love to get a wonderful box in the mail that is fun to open, then this is for you.

Giving a gift to yourself is such a power move.

What I aim to provide is a box delivered to your door that is wows and delights in the opening. Is a mix of Eddie Phares Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Creative supplies I will be taking pre-orders soon.

So excited to be sharing this major step in my journey with you!

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