Gorgeous little distressed satin bag.

Gorgeous little distressed satin bag.

Aren’t you so glad little brooches are in style?

What do you think of distressed Satin ? It’s so fun very cool. “AmIRight?”

I love using this bag! It’s just dressy enough to elevate a look just the right amount.

If you are a Sewing Circle member, you might get to make your own distressed satin bag

This is otherwise a very simple bag. It’s a very nice clutch size. The brooch is my own.

To make it stand up, you use an interfacing. Don’t worry though it’s super easy.

Get ready to humble brag. Oh this? I made this. 😎

I decided that this 80s vibe is cool but we need to add a 2022 twist. …and Ta Da 🎉 that’s how distressed satin was born.



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