A To-Go pantry meal nourishes a busy fall

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Travel Gift Ideas and Organization
Gather a few ingredients together and you are ready for adventure or a jam packed schedule!

Hey guys! Here’s a practical little idea that anyone can use to make life cheerier when fall starts coming around. Why not make a delicious pantry meal bag to go!

Do you have a fancy, sturdy, smallish fabric gift bag that is too cute to get rid of, but you are thinking, “What do I do with this?”

I have the perfect happy little upgrade for you.

This might seem a little unconventional, but it’s great.

Make a pantry meal TO-GO!

Yep. There are a few meals that can actually make a nice little package. Just throw in a recipe card and a candle and you’ve got a thoughtful gift.

Who could use a nice, healthy, satisfying meal that doesn’t require delivery or shopping?

You are right. Who couldn’t? I can’t think of anyone, either.

If you gift a pantry meal, it is more convenient for a lot of reasons. It doesn’t have to be fit into a fridge or freezer, and it gives people options about how to prepare it. People like new parents, or those who just moved in who are going through a big change in their lives and need a little healthy hug will love this.

It’s not too expensive or over-the-top to give someone you know casually (over-the-top is my M.O.). It doesn’t require a lot of effort or cooking. Also, when people are so busy that it’s a great time for a food gift, something healthyish is going to be really appreciated. High stress times call for extra TLC!

You deserve an easy getaway….grab a bag and pack a pantry meal! Bonus, not spending a ton of money on mid, overpriced restaurants at the last minute! Save your travel money for places you WANT to go.

But another idea, and this is what I do – is to make a couple for yourself and keep it on hand as the weather turns cold and potentially snowy or stormy! Here in the Pacific Northwest a lot of older areas have above ground power lines and giant trees everywhere, so the power goes out pretty often!

Now that you have it in the pantry, it can do double duty. It is already packed and organized for that last minute trip to the cabin, campsite, hotel with a kitchen, boat, or wherever you are going on your next adventure.

It’s nice to actually have something super easy to throw together in that vacation condo kitchen.

Also, if you are known to be a great cook, and you are staying with people, your hosts are going to be so excited to see that you actually brought something to them…”This is gonna be so good!” they will say, while rubbing their hands together in anticipation.

Grabbing a few cans (yep. Shhh…)of this and that during in person shopping trips and soon you have a little emergency stash for a snow day or a really busy week or if you get a little sick, or want something to take on that last minute trip deal.

How much cuter is it to take something adorably packed on a trip? It’s a little gift to yourself.

“Do Not Disturb”

When I find a truly amazing pantry meal worthy of sharing I like to include it in my Notebook Magazine for my friends, with pre-made recipe cards to try it out and then even gift it if you enjoy the meal.

Life is so busy, it’s good to have options that you can throw together faster than a trip to the drive-through. When I’m traveling, I don’t really want to deal with shopping, cooking (unless I’m in the mood to make something amazing) or even searching for a restaurant in a pinch. Sometimes you just want to chillax and put your feet up and watch the sunset with a glass of wine.


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