726 reasons I love sewing

726 reasons I love sewing
  • I love clothes, so much it hurts.
  • I love making beautiful little things that I can actually use.
  • Nothing gives me more happiness in my space than something I made.
  • Making something for people that they love is just warm fuzzy overload.
  • Sewing is impressive, I’m like wow, Meredith, you got it together. You finished that 10 minute sewing project. You are a creative goddess.
  • Fabric. Touch it. See it. Feel it. Smell it.
  • Reason 726…..it gives me goals. I love little goals like finishing this list.
Sewing, a Poem 

the hypnotic tapping of the machine
tulle cotton silk wool sateen
beneath my foot the risky pedal
give myself a secret medal
five new colors and aren't I handy
 fresh department store window candy
  • Reason 8 it’s helping me make friends. Because I finally figured out how to turn on the comments! Why do you love sewing? I’m listening but I’m going to keep working on my list, too.

All comments will be judged based on flattery, humor, and winners will be famous online.